In comparison to static adverts, animations have a greater level of life that they can bring to your marketing campaigns. Whether you’re advertising online through social media, adding some more branding to your website or using digital advertising boards out in public, movement can bring life to a static image and draw in potential customers that otherwise wouldn’t notice your marketing materials.

Engaging Narratives

The most important part of an animation is the narrative that you’re trying to portray. Whilst the majority of animated marketing materials are a simple portrayal of what a product is and why you should use it, the most memorable adverts will contain a sort of narrative running through it, with interesting characters and situations that introduce the product. When you think about engaging animated adverts, it’s the ones that have these distinctive features that stick in the mind. By using services such as Papercut Design Studio to help your animated campaign, you could develop a campaign that both sticks in your audience’s mind, and informs them of what your product is and does.

Referencing The Product

One pitfall that a lot of campaigns fall into is to neglect the brand itself. Often the focus on a memorable advert takes over, and leads to people being able to recall exactly what happens in the advert, but not what was being advertised. A marketing agency, in this case, could help, providing advice throughout the process. From scripting to designing, to production and, finally, the publication, if you have expert eyes on your campaign providing advice from start to finish, there is no significant risk of a failure in branding.

Adding Animated Stop Motion Graphics To Digital Campaigns

Animations come in multiple different formats. Primarily, customers will see video adverts, either on TV or video streaming platforms. However, having animated banners on websites can also offer significant benefits over static images. By using up the space of a single banner, an animation with multiple frames can convey even more information to customers than a simple image. This also brings more life to your website, with more movement and variation in your website’s visible content, keeping users on the website for longer and getting more knowledgeable about your brand. Papercut can ensure that all the right information is conveyed, and customers are as familiar as possible with the product.

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