App Development

Depending on what a client’s apps are used or designed for, we look at user personas and user task flow diagrams to inform the technical system overview diagrams. User experience (UX) design can include discovery from the app store, integration with social media, re-engagement features and more. From the first step in the app creation process, Papercut ensures that the user’s experience and enjoyment of the application are central to the design and function of the app. If an app’s functionality and user experience aren’t perfect, it could have problems later on, so perfecting this in the development stage is ideal.

App Design and Build

Unique, beautiful and functional design is vital to a mobile application’s success. Our designers strive to create and implement current design thinking to ensure our clients’ apps stand above others in the marketplace. Small factors from background animations, interesting areas of bright colour and interesting banners and text can make an app appealing and memorable. Functionality is all well and good in an app, but if the design is incredibly basic very few users will be drawn to using it. Papercut’s years of experience in design mean that your app will remain appealing and draw users in, rather than just performing its core functions.

In addition to coding and design, our build process involves carefully matching the best technology with iOS, web and Android platforms to construct the app’s architecture. Once that’s done, we test the app’s performance to ensure the user experience is smart, smooth, consistent and flawless. Only once we’ve ensured that the app works smoothly and to your liking will it be ready for release, as the final product you always envisaged.

App Support

To make sure clients are off to the right start, we help to guide them by optimising their app for the app store to maximise their presence. However, just because it’s published, it doesn’t mean the app won’t need future tweaking to respond when new versions of a mobile OS are introduced, or third-party plug-ins or other services need updating. We offer additional packages to provide analysis, technical support and maintenance for the life of the app. The best applications are those which have updates and tweaks years after their initial release, so users can stay active in the future. To build up a significant user-base and retain them as your app goes through several updates, Papercut can provide the long term app support to keep your application at the forefront of the mobile marketplace.

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