Papercut can create for you a unique, original and innovative illustration that harnesses your brand and marketing campaign. Whether it is to reinforce your brand story, message or make your brand stand out in the crowd with a customised illustration that speaks directly to your audience. Read on to discover some of the many ways in which Papercut’s state-of-the-art illustrations can bring your brand, company and business ethos to life.


Logo / Brand

Why have your logo be a simple stationary image? One of the latest trends among modern marketing and business aesthetics is to have an illustrated logo or company branding; this could be a simple gif or a hand crafted illustration. Either way, it’s sure to grab the attention of everyone that walks – or scrolls – past, earning you a higher footfall of customers and investors.


At a glance, many infographics can appear swamped with info and unengaging to look at. They’re usually packed with dense swathes of stats and little else; however, illustration can be applied to create some amazing infographics. Whether you want a bright, vibrant space or prefer the monochromatic, minimalistic style, we have you covered.

Social Media Campaign

Whatever the desired outcome for your social media campaign, you need to think about how you can reach optimal levels of engagement – illustrations are a great way to do that! It can be something small and subtle, or something grand and screen-consuming but, whatever it is, anything illustrated is sure to draw the eyes of your desired audience.


Similar to social media campaigns, if you require some signage for your brand or company, you need it to grab the attention of your target audience in a snap. Illustrations are the perfect way to do this, as it’s out of the ordinary when contrasted against other generic images. Once you have their attention, you’re free to promote anything you like, whether it be a new deal or announcement.


So many websites are bland and uninviting to people, and that makes them click straight back off the page. Illustrations can be a bright, inventive choice to keep people interested, prompting them to further explore your website and, by extension, your services.


If you’ve taken the plunge and created your own app, you may need an expert to design and produce the illustrations for it. When you need a professional illustrator and designer to help you, look no further than Papercut. Whatever you desire, we’ll be waiting to lend you a hand.

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