For businesses and education facilities, infographics are often an essential tool to help communicate ideas and knowledge to their students or target audience. Whether for educational, marketing or entertainment purposes, infographics can explain information in a format that is easy to follow, absorb and understand.

What Is An Infographic?

An infographic is a tool used to communicate a clear message using graphics and brief text. Infographics often follow a storytelling format, outlining context and information to offer clarity on a particular subject or idea. In a digital world, large chunks of text can often look unappealing and be avoided by users who want to access information quickly. Visual infographics are much more captivating and accessible.

Format With Purpose

Combining visual storytelling with informative graphics is an incredibly effective way to communicate and strategically target a certain audience. For example, on a webpage or report, figures can become lost in the text and lose their impact. With infographics, figures, symbols and diagrams can be included much more effectively, presenting their importance in a storytelling format that explains their significance clearly.

A Clear, Coherent Message

We work with your organisation to help establish exactly what message you wish to convey. Whether it’s a flowchart of your business processes or a graph that highlights your organisation’s growth, our expert team can help you convey your message in the most accessible and interesting way.

Set The Tone With Custom Infographics

There is no one-size-fits-all design solution to infographics. For educational infographics, you may wish to set a formal tone with your graphic design, utilising features such as charts and maps in your infographic. For entertaining or marketing infographics, a business may wish to incorporate an aesthetic colour scheme and humour, to match the tone of their existing branding or a seasonal offer. A storytelling format is easier to follow by users, as it explains information in a compelling way.

Start Collaborating Today

If you’d like to convey information in an easily understood, aesthetic and educational or entertaining way, Papercut is the company you can trust. Our design specialists combine clear visuals with an impactful message to create infographics that not only capture attention but represent ideas and information clearly. Together we can help establish what you want from an infographic and design the perfect infographic for your unique needs.

For innovative infographic design, contact Papercut today. Our team are waiting to answer any questions you may have!

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