Marketing Collateral

Do you require physical and digital material to support your marketing efforts? Investing in marketing collateral can help improve your sales by supporting your current sales strategies and marketing campaigns.

What Is Marketing Collateral?

Marketing collateral is a term used to define various media items that can be used to support and increase sales.

Some examples of marketing collateral include…

  • Business cards
  • Flyers
  • Blogs
  • E-newsletters
  • Brochures
  • Letterheads

From physical print media to online platforms such as blogs, marketing collateral can take multiple forms. Marketing collateral is usually specific to a certain campaign or offer, helping to spread awareness of a certain piece of information such as a seasonal offer or business expansion.

Unified Marketing Material

It is essential that your marketing material complements and connects with your existing branding and
marketing efforts. For example, stationery items such as flyers can’t contain information that contradicts what you advertise on your website. Similarly, when consumers find and examine your marketing collateral, it must have a connection to your business, e.g. use the same branding aesthetic. Marketing collateral should be viewed as an extension of your current marketing efforts, not a new campaign.

Unique Solutions

Every business is unique and has unique sales goals. It is, therefore, important to have marketing collateral that is individual to a business, rather than generic marketing material. For example, if a business is trying to increase its online sales, marketing collateral such as a blog and online newsletter will help support eCommerce sales. Alternatively, if a business is trying to increase its local outreach, print media such as leaflets would be more suitable. Businesses can trust Papercut to help determine what marketing collateral would best support their goals.

Collateral Support You Can Rely On

Marketing collateral can help bring your brand and marketing ideas to life. As a product of your company, marketing collateral shouldn’t be a rushed afterthought. Whatever collateral your business needs, from online media to physical items, they should be a representation of your brand and convey your marketing messages clearly and effectively.

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