Motion Graphics

In today’s digital world it is easier than ever to communicate your business story and spread sales messages. Through your company website or social media accounts, consumers want to learn about who you are and what you do in more detail.
The problem, however, is knowing how to make your story and messages stand out in a saturated digital marketplace.

Motion graphics can bring your story, words and ideas to life, capturing your target audience through effective visuals. Not only can motion graphics help you to communicate with and engage your audience, but they can also help solidify your brand identify and reach new customers if designed and created to a high standard.

Improve Your Branding

Motion graphics are much more compelling and captivating than static text, by sharing motion graphics with your audience you will be able to communicate your brand identity much more effectively. This will improve how customers think and feel about your brand, improving customer loyalty and brand recognition.

Streamlined Communication

Modern consumers rarely have the time to read large chunks of text explaining complex ideas, plus the purpose of the text can often be lost if it is read incorrectly or only partly. Motion graphics can be a quicker, more effective way to communicate with your audience, removing the risk of misunderstanding and helping the brain digest the information more easily with visuals.

Increase Your Outreach

Just as consumers are much more likely to view motion graphics over static text, they are also much more likely to share motion graphics. Through social media channels and direct links to friends, motion graphics are much more shareable and can, therefore, help you reach new consumers with ease.

Unique Graphics

It is important your motion graphics accurately reflect your brand, whether you wish to include your brand colour scheme, logo or the themes and ideas explored by your brand, it is essential your motion graphics are instantly associated with your company. Only an expert design company, such as Papercut, can help you create new, refreshing motion graphics that remain true to your existing branding and identity.

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