Professional photography and photo editing will make the promotional materials for your business stand out from your competitors. You may have been in the practice of taking your own photos, or of downloading and using stock photographs. While these options may appear to be economical, they fail to provide your business with a polished and unique profile. Images play an important role in marketing your business, creating an authentic brand which customers will recognise and support.

Papercut specialises in taking quality photographs in our studio environment, or outdoors in a setting of your choice (or ours). We only use talented and experienced photographers who know how to set the scene and take quality images. Once your images have been taken, they can be edited and manipulated by our experienced team members who can crop, zoom and add effects to make your images really stand out from the crowd.

Papercut is able to take photographs to meet all your marketing and business requirements.

Our Range Includes:

Staff portraits – images which will show your staff in their best light and enable your customers to link a face to the name they see on your website or business publications.

Brand shoots – images which depict and show your brand to advantage, and which will link the image to your brand in customers’ minds.

Product shoots – regardless of the nature of your business, product shoots are aimed at showing customers what they will be getting in return for their investment in your business. Whether its fashion clothing, beach attire, food or beverage products, extra-virgin olive oil, or artisan-made cheeses or handcrafts. We can set up a photoshoot to show your products in a range of environments and settings, giving you a unique selling point.

Marketing campaigns – we are aware of the importance of marketing your business and its products and/or services. Speak to one of our experienced team members to arrange a photoshoot to enhance the marketing of your business.

Publication photographs – our team are comfortable with all styles of photography. If you have an important publication due for release, we can take photos which you will be proud to have on the cover, or embedded in a document.

Portfolio shoot – Starting out in the modelling business? Or perhaps you just need to update your existing
portfolio. Our photographers are professional and gifted and able to produce a portfolio which shows you at your beautiful best.

Website and App design – Images used online and in apps need a special touch; one that we can provide. If you’re setting up or redesigning your website, or have developed an app, contact Papercut for your photography needs.

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