3D Printing Canberra

Papercut offers professional 3D printing in Canberra that will exceed your expectations. For quality 3D printing, contact us today.

3D printing as a service

We run a print farm in Canberra designed for 3D printing with a fast turn around. Skip the wait and shipping delays of out of town production. Increase the speed of your design development, and receive in-person delivery and customer service. Our team can handle from 1 to 1000 copies of whatever object you require.

We have over a dozen 3d printers available, from small to large, FDM to SLA. This gives us the flexibility needed to produce whatever you need.

3d printing Canberra
3d printer filament canberra

3D Printing Shop

Our team was frustrated by the lack of choices for 3d printing filament in the Canberra area. As such we decided to open our doors and sell our print farm supplies to the Canberra public.

We stock and sell a large range of 3d printer filaments and resins, with many colours, filament types and sizes available. Perfect for your next 3d printing project.

Come and visit our shop in Mitchell, check out our print farm, and get the filament you need today

3D Scanning Canberra

3d scanning and 3d printing often go hand in hand. You might have a broken part you need replaced, or a clay model you want scanned and copied. We have a Artec Eva scanner, one of the best handheld units on the market. We can scan your models and produce highly accurate 3d point clouds. Perfect for 3d printing a replacement, or to speed up your development process. Contact our team to get your objects scanned

3d scanning Canberra

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