Lithophanes Canberra


Lithophanes are unique artform that use very thin layers of plastic to create a picture. Using variable thicknesses and a backlight, Lithophanes can create beautiful and attractive artworks from your favourite photos. The perfect gift for a family member or friend. A more interesting option compared to a mundane coffee mug or other printed gift. We use our experience in 3d printing to produce high quality, personalised Lithophanes.

Get your favourite photo custom printed


Have a photo of your parent, child or loved one? Get our Canberra team to professionally print it, providing a unique gift for that special someone. We can also print classic artworks and other public domain images on request. 

Have a look at our gallery of before and after images:

Our process


Upload your image at checkout

Use a high resolution copy of your favourite photo. If you have any doubts, it’s best to upload the whole image, and our experienced team can edit it for optimum results, or provide advice if this image isn’t high quality enough. There will be a seam at the back of the cylinder, so its best to use a photo where the focus is centred in the middle of the image. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


Final Approval

Our team will manually check the image you have uploaded, and produce a render of the expected result. We will send this to you for approval before we start the production process


Enjoy your new Lithophane

To ensure the highest quality, we print your lithophane very carefully, layer by layer. This process takes up to 80 hours of printing time. As soon as your print is done, our team will get it shipped and out the door to you. Alternatively if your in Canberra, collect it from our shop in Mitchell. We are sure your friends and family will love it. Best of all, the lamp uses a standard mains power plug and standard light bulbs. Ensuring your new lamp is ready to go straight away.

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