3D Scanning Canberra

Our 3D scanning Canberra team is here to help you to scan and create 3D designs of your choice. We work with individuals and businesses, helping them make accurate digital models of real-world objects. Whether you want to design something from scratch or reverse-engineer a CAD model from a physical example. Our team has the skills and experience needed to guide you through the 3D scanning process.


How does 3D scanning work?


3D scanning is a non-destructive technology that can capture a 3D blueprint of any physical object using a line of laser light. Using a 3D scanner, you can capture the exact size and shape of an object in a computer file, which can then be used for editing, animation, planning, and printing.



Artec Eva 3D Scanner Canberra


We use cutting-edge 3D scanning technology to guarantee the best possible results every time. That’s why we use the Artec Eva 3D scanner, one of the world’s best 3D scanners. This scanner is designed to be handheld and easily portable, while not compromising on accuracy and scanning quality. 


Which makes it ideal for a range of applications including:


  • Clay models
  • Metal castings
  • Ceramic, porcelain, and plastics
  • The human body
  • Organic shapes


The Artec 3D scanner delivers accurate, precise results in a range of materials and settings. This includes on black and shiny objects, which can be a challenge for other scanners. Our team of professional, knowledgeable experts will be here at every stage of your 3D scan to ensure the best results every time.



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