Our Studio \

Our studio is set up for comfort and creativity with easy visitor parking, a meeting room and a coffee machine. We encourage our clients to visit, and we understand that at times it’s best to have meetings with our clients sitting together with us.

We are equipped with the latest design hardware, software and font packages and have surplus iMacs running older software for testing purposes. This means that, with the exception of high-end proofing, all activities such as scanning, electronic proofing, illustrating, and HTML mark up are carried out in-house.

Papercut work with interstate and overseas clients and suppliers and recognise the need for remote server access and communications. We offer real-time collaboration through telephone conferencing, video conferencing, web conferencing, instant messaging and Skype.

Our studio processes \


Good design takes cooperation. We understand that design is a business investment and as a result, we involve our clients in the process as much as possible.

Our approach begins with asking clients “why?” not “how”. Why do they exist? Why is their offering unique? Why them, and not another entity?

This underpins our briefing phase. We work closely with the client to learn as much as possible about the context of the project, including any design restrictions or parameters.

This need not be an elaborate exercise, but could simply be a short meeting or a series of telephone conversations with identified people about their aspirations and hopes for the organisation and its current “fit” in the wider public environment.


Within the Papercut team, a number of designers work from the creative brief independently to generate ideas. We then pool these ideas and analyse them for strategic intent and creativity. We mould and shape those that provide the best fit with our client’s aspirations.

These concepts are presented to the client for review and feedback. After a follow-up meeting or phone call, revisions and design refinement is undertaken until approval is reached.


Following concept approval, the design is applied to working files. Content required for the project is supplied to Papercut by the due date and the working file is populated. A proof is then submitted to the client for review.

Proofs are provided to you at each stage of the development phase and authors revisions are applied until your approval is reached.


Papercut create the final art files and they are delivered according to the schedule and specifications of the quote. All artwork is approved by the client before it is sent to print or goes online.

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