Lithophane lamp black base


Black base version of our custom made lithophane lamp. Get a photo you love turned into a custom lithophane lampshade. Ensuring your happy memories are always on display. The perfect gift for a loved one or family member.

Lithophanes are an artform that use variable thicknesses of opaque material to reproduce an image. The different thicknesses allow a variable amount of light from the backlight through the lithophane. Traditionally they were made from porcelain, but 3D printing has enabled custom Lithophanes to be made from white PLA polymer.

We follow a simple 3 step process for producing your lithophane:

1) Upload your photo at checkout

2) Our team produces a render of your lithophane for approval, showing you what you can expect. We will also verify the image is high enough resolution, and get your sign off before production begins.

3) Once we get your approval, we will quickly start the printing process. To ensure the highest quality, our printers work very slowly, typically taking around 55 hours for an individual print. As soon as its finished, we will notify you for pickup, or get it shipped out to you.

The lamp comes with a power cord, lamp base, socket and bulb. So its ready to use right out of the box. We can also upgrade the standard bulb to an Ikea smart bulb as an optional extra. If you have a preferred smart home ecosystem, or simply want to replace the bulb, this lamp uses a standard E27 socket.

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