Our Services

Papercut is at the forefront of producing PDFs, WORD documents and HTML that exceed our clients’ expectations. We have years of experience in converting all forms of publications into accessible files that comply with AGIMO and WCAG 2.0 Level AA specifications. We are the ‘go-to’ studio for accessible files and guarantee that we’ll meet your budget and deadline, delivering a PDF or HTML of the highest standards. The formats for our documents are highly accessible and can be opened by almost all modern devices. Rather than using a proprietary document format, Papercut offers HTML, PDF and WORD files that can be accessed by anyone with no requirement for specialist programmes.

Our Clients

Our previous clients include government agencies, private and not-for-profit organisations, web developers and other graphic design studios in Canberra. Such a wide base of clients and requirements has allowed us to develop a range of flexibility in our work; this flexibility ranges from more formal reports and presentations to informal pitches oriented towards both businesses and consumers. This means that all work commissioned for Papercut can reach its designated target audience, with a level of vocabulary and structure tailored for the needs of the audience in question. If you have any worries that an audience might struggle to comprehend what exactly is being said in a piece of work, Papercut can guarantee that your message will come across accurately, succinctly and in a way your audience understands.

Our Duty To You

Under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992, Australian Government agencies must ensure that people with disabilities have the same fundamental rights to access information and services as others in the community.

The Australian Government ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in 2008, which specifically recognises that access to information, communications, and services is a human right. Papercut does all that so we can ensure that the documents, web pages, and all other materials that we produce are in an accessible format for anyone who may have a disability. Beyond serving those with disabilities, the file formats used by Papercut are designed to be accessed by anyone, allowing clients to access documentation regardless of the technology they can use. No matter who might be trying to view Papercut publications, we strive to make sure that they are able to read, watch, or listen to any materials that we produce.

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