Campaigns are one of the most important parts of any company’s operations. You can have designed the greatest product to ever exist, but if nobody knows about it then it’s not likely to succeed. Papercut can help guide your business to successful marketing campaigns and excellent results.

Planning Campaign

One of the most important stages of any advertising campaign is the planning phase. If any stage of your campaign is improvised then you might seem unprofessional to consumers and that could lose sales. On the other hand, a professionally planned out campaign will be prepared for any potential issues and have a complete roadmap of every step in the process, meaning that there will be no nasty surprises along the way.


The main measure you can take to make sure your campaign won’t fail is to have multiple people and potentially a marketing team examine it. It’s easy to agree with your own creation, as we’re all less critical of our own work. The best safety measure for any advertising campaign is to get as many eyes as possible on it before launching, or you may have splashed out on an unsuccessful campaign.

Targeted Audience

Every product has a consumer base that is most likely to purchase it, so when you’re going through the planning of a marketing campaign you need to consider the target audience. The best way to tailor your campaign to the right audience is by analysing the content you’ve created and what your target audience will like to see. Marketing companies such as Papercut can help in this regard, guiding you to the right audience with their expert knowledge.

Call To Action

All marketing campaigns need a call to action. If you’ve not got a call to action, then your campaign will have done its job in informing people of the product or service, however, you’ll likely fail to get any customers. This is because they’ll be lacking any incentive to purchase what you’re offering. The call to action can make or break an advertising campaign, so you’ll need to tweak it to perfection.

Marketing Theme

Cohesive campaigns need cohesive themes, and if your marketing campaign is consistent throughout then people will immediately associate a colour, song or phrase with your company. This can spread your brand even further, meaning people don’t even need to see your marketing to be reminded of it; sticking in people’s heads is a hallmark of a strong marketing campaign.

Use The Right Marketing Channels

Depending on your target audience, using a specific marketing channel could make a difference to your campaign. For example, if you’re seeking an older audience then targeting social media is likely to be less effective than if it was used on a younger target market. By pumping money into an inefficient channel you’ll waste a lot of money for a smaller audience, so you’ll need to consider and research the exact channels your target audience use most.

When To Publish

The perfect time to publish any marketing campaign is when you want to create a significant amount of buzz around the product. Often this will be right before or during the release period, although marketing campaigns have also been used to reinvigorate old products. Timing a campaign right can generate a lot of hype, whereas the wrong timing can mean you’re drowned out by other marketing noise.

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