E-commerce and SSL

Online Stores

Online stores are most often visited for what they host rather than the text and format of the website surrounding it, however, the look and feel of any website can either attract users or put them offfor a long time. Everyone’s had experiences of an online store which looked untrustworthy or put you off due to formatting or serious text errors, and the best way to avoid these problems if you’re hosting an online store is to make sure it’s been created professionally and to the highest standard. Papercut has years of experience working with commercial partners and this expertise can be used to maximise the quality and attractiveness of any online store you might want to start. Whilst starting your first online store alone can be a significant risk, Papercut’s experience guarantees a degree of quality to draw potential buyers in.

Individual Listings

Arguably just as important as the presentation of the store itself, the flavour text on individual listings can be what draws customers into a specific product or service. If the supporting text for a product is bland, unappealing or doesn’t accurately describe what the product does in a way that could put potential buyers off, your online store could be at risk of not fulfilling its potential or perhaps even losing money for your company in the long run. Papercut can design each individual entry to highlight the advantages of the product in question, aim for the specific target audience that the product caters for, and keep users on the online store for as long as possible. All of this is in service of maximising the sales made on the online store, pushing it forward to success.


SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, is a security protocol that allows an encrypted link to be formed between a server and the device that’s connecting to it. Typically, this is used for email systems and other secure networks but can be used effectively in online stores. Papercut utilises SSL certificates to ensure that users are connected securely when shopping at a Papercut client’s online store, meaning that their data is kept secure with no fear of external access. An SSL certificate is vital because some browsers can block websites that don’t have them, or at the very least warn potential customers that the site isn’t secure. This can look highly unprofessional for an online store, and would likely put a significant number of potential customers off.

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