Optimise your data, online presence and reports with indexing. Indexing optimises search and query functions, allowing information to be located and accessed much more efficiently and effectively. For an annual report, it is essential stakeholders can find and be provided with accurate information promptly. Whether stakeholders are searching for statistics, key performance indicators or justification of expenditures, it is important this information is easily accessible.

Definition Of Indexing

Indexing is the process of creating a list of significant phrases, keywords and themes. The list, referred to as an index, is used to locate important information quickly. Indexes are commonly featured in books, reports, data platforms and other digital media, such as websites. Without an index, a user may have to search for a desired theme or piece of information for extended periods of time.

Types Of Indexing

Alphabetical Indexing

One of the most common indexing formats is alphabetical indexing. As the name suggests, alphabetical indexing identifies important terms and lists them alphabetically. This type of indexing is perhaps most advantageous to databases and reports, where users will want to see important phrases clearly laid out to navigate the text.

Compliance Indexing

Compliance indexing is often used to signify where information that meets certain compliance criteria is located. Rather than a list of keywords, a compliance index uses a numerical system to indicate where important information can be found. A compliance index is a useful feature for any physical or digital media that wishes to prove its compliance to a specific system.

Figures And Tables

Navigating an annual report, or similar document can be difficult for employees and stakeholders due to the amount of information it contains. A report packed with figures and tables can make the information difficult to digest and analyse. An index can help navigate figures and tables and direct readers to an appendix, or similar, so the tables and graphics do not need to be included in the main body of the report.

Indexing Services You Can Count On

Whether you wish for your website to be navigated more easily or have an annual report you would like to be organised more efficiently, we can help. Our indexing services are unparalleled as we have the expert knowledge and experience to index multiple forms of media. For more information on our indexing services, please contact us today. A member of our professional team would love to answer any queries you may have.

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