Strategic Brand and Logo Design

When you hear the term ‘brand’ or ‘branding’, you may instantly connect the concept with your company slogan, logo and guidelines. In today’s modern workplace, however, branding goes far beyond this. Branding must go beyond visuals alone and create a genuine, sincere, human connection with both internal and external audiences. Your brand is how people think, feel and associate with your company, and must, therefore, be strategically designed and planned.

Innovative Branding Solutions

At Papercut, we go further than simply trying to make a brand look attractive or aesthetic, we help organisations communicate who they are through their branding. Our innovative solutions utilise strategic planning and the latest technology to give companies a competitive advantage and attract and retain customers easily. Trusting Papercut with your branding is making an investment in the future of your business.

Custom Branding

In a crowded industry or shopping environment, you need to stand out for the right reasons. Our custom branding services will help capitalise and communicate the unique selling points of your business, helping you to reach your target demographics and beat your competitors. The right branding controls how a current or potential customer views and values your company. With the right branding, you can build customer trust and increase your market share.

Our Branding Process

Before we begin creating branding ideas, we get to know and understand your company. We help you identify what makes your brand different and what your overall branding goals and objectives are. Next, we consider your competitors and generate ideas and concepts that will help your business stand out in a potentially saturated marketplace. Our team then collaborate together, drawing on unique ideas, concepts and sources of inspiration to create branding that is perfect for your business. The final step is to create and present a logo toolkit, the toolkit will be in line with your strategic intent and retain your brand integrity, ready for future use.

Trust Papercut

As industry experts, we are able to work around any branding restrictions or parameters to ensure you stay within industry guidelines whilst still representing your brand in the most effective way possible. Contact Papercut today and begin your strategic investment into innovative thinking and utilise your branding to its full potential. We offer a complete service, meaning if you require signage or marketing collateral featuring your new branding we can provide these services for you. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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