UX and UI Design

Here at Papercut, we are specialists in o ering web and app design to clients that want high engagement for their software. We’re committed to projects throughout their lifetime, from the initial design and development stage through to long term maintenance after the release of the product.

Why Are User Experience (UX) And User Interface (UI) Important?

Often, web and app designers focus on what they would like in an app. This is no good, so Papercut’s design is based around the following, to maximise customer satisfaction:

  • Credibility – Your website has to contain credible information that readers consider to be reliable. This makes people come back as they trust the site.
  • Accessibility – The website has to be accessible to all. This involves a good-sized font for those that may not be able to see well, ease of navigation, and assurances made for the blind (such as audio navigation).
  • Findability – Through Search Engine Optimisation, by making your website very easy to find you can ensure a far greater audience.
  • Desirability – Your product needs to be something that people want, otherwise, people won’t interact with it. This could harm the product and ultimately your business’ bottom line.
  • Usability – The app or website needs to be easy to use. This includes simple website design, which should ensure that even the least tech-savvy of your customers can interact with the product.
  • Usefulness – Ideally, the website or app will need to provide some use to the customer. Whilst your product can be as accessible, desirable or usable as possible, it needs to be useful to the user, or they won’t see any point in coming back.

These are vital to keeping users on your webpage for the longest time possible and making sure that they come back again in the future. The team at Papercut go through a significant, ongoing amount of research to ensure that market knowledge is constantly up to date. By doing this, Papercut can have their finger on the pulse of your audience, knowing exactly how to target their needs and get them to come back time after time. At the end of the project, you’ll be provided with a full usability evaluation so that you can see the impact your new layout is having.

In addition to design, web development is an important focus of UX maximisation. We use sophisticated systems to ensure that both on the surface of your website and at the back end, your site is secure and runs effectively with no issues. Whether the features that are added benefit the user directly or they’re more hidden features, your customers will benefit from a sophisticated and high-end website. Information is presented in easily absorbed ways, and the website’s design is intended to draw the audience in as much as possible.

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