Website Design and Development

Our Approach

Though Papercut is a graphic design studio, it still provides top-quality websites. We write custom technology in HTML5, Joomla!, WordPress, CSS, SQL, Magento and PHP. Owned by an expert web-designer, Papercut o ers an invaluable web and app experience and services. Where required, we can sub-contract from our co-located sister company CanberraWeb.

Our Diverse Expertise

Together with CanberraWeb, Papercut has great experience in implementing style sheets and templates used by software developers. Working with leading manufacturers, from Envato to Yoothemes, we can custom graphically-design websites. Having created 700+ websites, we boast versatility in our portfolio.

We can also design websites to Government standards, as previous clients have required. Whether you require us to work within your web parameters, or need a tailorable, bespoke website, we have the dual capability to “talk technical!” and deliver.

Web Development

We have specialist CMS developers who are trained to develop a range of CMS extensions. The Papercut sister team at CanberraWeb are expert developers, capable of building bespoke, accessible and creative website solutions. All of our work is meticulously validated against the W3C’s online code validation tools and tested across all major browsers (Internet Explorer 6+, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari for iPhone and iPad).

Social Media

We can customise a social media plugin or provide our clients with WordPress plugins. From Instagram feeds directly viewable from the homepage; Facebook walls integrated within page content; and sharing, liking, and commenting options to maximise audience engagement.

We also implement a wide array of functionality in our websites through WordPress plugins. We have created ticketing systems for events, automated cost calculators, membership systems, online donation functionality, map and location search, and online shops servicing a diverse range of industries.


We offer training packages to help our clients’ staff learn how to use the CMS that we install.

Our Approach

We break our bespoke website service into three stages:

1. Define

This is about planning and strategy, including determining objectives and goals, competitor analysis, design, content strategy, site architecture, user journey planning, and migration strategy. The final output of this stage is annotated wireframes of all pages for both desktop and mobile devices; however, we can work with participating agencies’ wireframe parameters.

2. Develop

If it’s a bespoke website, this is when we’ll develop the core functionality, pages, menus and start implementing the design. We can upload initial content to the site and start testing on all devices.

3. Deliver

Once development and testing are complete, we’ll integrate Google Analytics and a goal list, as well as carrying the technical pre-launch work required. Finally, we’ll follow our launch staging checklist (with over 50 steps) to ensure everything goes to plan.

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