Sustainability In The Studio \

Our business has gold certification from GreenBiz Check, achieving an average above 92% across categories including our organisational procedures, energy efficiency, waste reduction and recycling, ICT, transport and travel, general environmental issues, procurement/supply chain sustainability.

Our environmental measures are too numerous to list, but an example is the 20kW solar power system on our roof that feeds directly into the building. We use the solar credits first, then if required, we can source additional power from the grid. We have decreased our winter power bill by 80% and forecast a credit for summer. With the combined output over the year, we’re confident to predict that we are running 100% on green energy with a positive return of power supplied back to the grid.

Recognising that even the smallest effort can make a difference, we also collect all our coffee grounds and food waste and donate it to the Mitchell Community Gardens for composting.

We use the GreenBiz check as our checklist for annually reviewing and improving our sustainability policy and actions. We also conduct regular staff training sessions to learn about the benefits of greening our business.

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